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Why people choose us? We can stop the creditor harassment and get you on your way to a fresh start. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have evening and weekend appointments available.


If you are struggling to pay off delinquent debts and collection agencies are harasseing you, we can help. We are attorneys that focus in the area of bankruptcy.  We can explain your options and help you determine if filing bankruptcy is right for you. Whether you are considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, our team of experienced lawyers can explain the various bankruptcy options and the bankruptcy process. If you choose to proceed with a bankruptcy we will work with you to complete all the paperwork, without you having to spent hours on your own to compile a list of creditors.  Complete a contact request form so that we can schedule your free in-person consultation.


Chapter 7

• Eliminate your debt
• Credit card debts
• Medical bills
• Judgments
• Negative bank balances
• Some types of taxes
• Lawsuits
• Garnishments
• Debts following foreclosures
• Debts following repossessions or a voluntary surrender of a vehicle
• Payday loans

Chapter 13

• Save your house
• Stop a foreclosure
• Strip down liens
• Reinstate your driver’s license
• Child Support
• Taxes
• File a bankruptcy, even though it has been less than 8 years since you filed a Chapter 7.
• Student Loans